Automatic Analysis in Noxturnal

Recently, two studies were published that evaluated the performance of the automatic scoring in Noxturnal compared to manual scoring of Nox T3 recordings. The overall results from both studies confirm that when scoring AHI events with the automatic analysis, included in Noxturnal, the correlation is almost perfect to those studies that were manually scored (Magalang et al., 2018; Xu et al., 2017).*

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Nox RIP Belts – Info Sheet

This info sheet will explain the benefits of using two belts to measure breathing effort during sleep.

The main benefits are:

  • More accurate flow and effort measurements
  • Backup signals for flow and effort
  • Better data from mouth breathers

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New distributor agreement with Brojaw

We are happy to announce that Nox Medical and Brojaw have signed a partnership agreement for distributing Nox sleep systems in Taiwan. Registration is now being finalized and with this agreement, Brojaw receives full responsibility of promoting, selling and providing customer service for Nox T3 and Nox A1 in the country.

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