Working at Nox Medical

Working at Nox Medical means that you are part of a close-knit team that has a passion for improving people’s health. We love technology, innovation, and especially sleep medicine. We are open, friendly, hard working professionals but never afraid to have fun. We take pride and enjoyment over seeing our products come to life and affecting the lives of thousands of people to the better.

Open Positions

We are always interested in talented individiuals who share our passion for improving people’s lives.

To view open positions and to submit general applications please visit our recruitment center here.

All inquiries and applications will be replied to and are treated with utmost care and confidentiality.

Equality, diversity, and inclusion policy

Nox Medical policy of equality, diversity and inclusion is to work systematically to ensure equal position of all employees within the workplace regardless of race, ethnicity, gender, religion, or other factors.

The Policy sets out our goals and action plans to achieve our goals. The policy applies to all Nox Medical employees in Iceland.

The policy is presented in accordance with the Act on Equal Rights and Gender Equality no. 150/2020, and other laws and rules concerning equality.

Nox Medical is committed to establishing, documenting, implementing, maintaining, and continuously improving the management of the Equal Pay System in accordance with the requirements of the Icelandic Equal Pay standard ÍST 85: 2012


Nox Medical emphasizes the equal right of all employees to salaries, job offers, opportunities, rights and working conditions, work and participation in committees and work among all Nox Medical professions.

Following are the commitment of Nox Medical to employees

Equal Pay:

Employees shall enjoy the same pay and benefits for comparable and equivalent jobs

Job openings:

Job advertisements are presented in such a way that it is no discrimination.

Training and continuous learning:

Emphasis is placed on lifelong learning, training, and retraining being available to all employees.

Work life balance:

Emphasis is placed on employees being able to reconcile working hours and family life as much as possible. Employees shall be made easy to return to work after maternity / paternity leave or leave from work due to urgent family circumstances.


Bullying, gender-based violence, gender-based harassment, sexual harassment, or harassment due to race, ethnicity, gender, religion, or other factors are not tolerated in the workplace.

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