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System Extensions

The Nox system extensions are items that offer users to extend their systems or get spare parts. Often these components provide extensions or added functionality to our systems.

Please note that the Nox system extensions are not available in all markets. They are a part of a medical device, subject to the registration and acceptance by the proper authorities.


Our products are modular in their design, thereby giving our users more flexibility and freedom of choice. Using system components, clinicians are well suited to customize their systems as they see fit.

Wireless Sensors
Unlimited Possibilities

The Nox systems use Bluetooth technology to create a wireless body area network to maximize patient comfort. One of the key system components available is the Nonin 3150 Oximeter. This oximeter connects via wireless connection to the Nox systems.

Differential Pressure Sensor
Accurate Airflow Prediction

Connecting a differential pressure transducer to the Nox systems is simple. This component gives an accurate prediction of airflow when patients are using flow generators.

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