Advancing Sleep Diagnostic Through Home Sleep Testing

The healthcare industry was challenged by the global pandemic, but ultimately, it took a giant leap forward toward home sleep testing to meet patient demand. In our three-part webinar series, we looked at what has supported this shift to HST and how the industry is prepared for the changes ahead. With this insight paper, we have wrapped up the webinar discussion and included bonus info.

What we will cover:

  • At what point in home sleep testing are we sacrificing too much data for simplicity?
  • How can Artificial Intelligence increase the data that we gather from a home sleep study?
  • What are the top trends facing the sleep industry?

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Webinar: Watch On-Demand

Balancing Clinical Accuracy and Simplicity in Home Sleep Testing

Dr. Erna Sif Arnardottir, Director of Reykjavik University Sleep Institute

Artificial Intelligence in Sleep Medicine

Dr. Jon S. Agustsson, Director of Analysis, Data and Research at Nox Medical

Sleep Healthcare Trends from an Industry Perspective

Ingvar Hjalmarsson, Chief Product Officer at Nox Medical

Nox T3s HST

Our new innovative and powerful Type III Home Sleep Testing diagnostic device. By combining smart technology in a single device with disposable consumables, with the Nox T3s clinicians now have a more precise and safe way to test, analyze and treat their patients.

Watch how the Nox T3s works

The recent launch of the Nox T3s Type III diagnostic device has revolutionized home sleep testing. The Nox T3s is based on the world-renowned Nox T3, which launched in 2009 and quickly became, for many, the standard for home sleep testing and since then thousands of units have been sold globally. The Nox T3s maintains the brand’s commitment to patient comfort and clinical accuracy, with the Nox RIP technology for more sophisticated sleep time estimation

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