The Nox SAS solution

The Nox SAS solution is a new, flexible way to record EEG, EOG, EMG, and ECG data during polysomnography sleep studies conducted with the Nox A1s. From the desks of sleep scientists at research universities to the hands of physicians and technicians in sleep clinics, the Nox SAS is relied on for accurate sleep testing everywhere where sleep happens, with less hassle.

The availability of the Nox SAS solution may vary between markets. Please contact your local distributor or U.S. or Canada sales representative for further information.

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A Seamless Sleep Diagnostic Experience

A flexible solution, the Nox SAS is used with the Nox A1s sleep test system, and can be applied in the sleep lab or at the patient’s home. The whole hookup process can be completed in as little as 15 minutes. And with disposable gel sensors, there is no need to spend time on cleaning EEG electrodes.

A Swift Hookup

Just as accurate as a traditional EEG head cable, but with less hassle, the Nox SAS hookup is simple. Signals typically derived from the scalp and chin are recorded from the forehead electrodes, so there is no need for scalp EEG electrodes or chin-EMGs.

The solution also comes with wireless connectivity, so patients are never tethered to the bed. No need to unhook anything for bathroom trips or to get a sip of water.

Publications and Abstracts on the Nox SAS

Recent research has shown that the Nox SAS provides a high level of agreement for all sleep stages in adults and children when compared to the conventional montage, currently recommended by the American Academy of Sleep Medicine

The Precision of the Sleep Lab, Everywhere

Welcome to the Nox SAS - A Sleep Revolution

A research study of the Nox SAS found that successful and reliable recordings were collected from approximately 85% of the 900 participants on the first attempt, and 88.6% overall after two attempts. The study also demonstrated that the EEG and EOG signals could be acquired without significant duration of artifact.