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Clinical & Data Scientists Advancing Sleep Medicine

Nox Research is a dedicated team of scientists working within Nox Medical on advancing sleep medicine by bringing together the latest developments in engineering, specifically data science and AI, with medicine. We collaborate with academic scientists, and focus on collaborative research projects which may change sleep medicine in the future.

Our research projects have received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 Research & Innovation Programme, Eurostars Funding and the Icelandic Technology Development Fund.

Research Posters and Other Publications

Nox Research regularly presents its work at international conferences in the field of sleep medicine, AI, and data science.

Team of Clinical and Data Scientists

We at Nox Medical fully embrace our mission to advance sleep diagnostics through our continued efforts and investment in research. Nox Research is a team of scientists with a background in clinical research, AI and data science, and engineering who are working to improve the collection, analysis, and processing of data collected during a sleep study.

We actively encourage independent research to ensure that we get unbiased opinions on our solutions. We are confident in our products and realize that unbiased, peer-reviewed publications are important for clinicians to gain the same confidence as we have. Our research efforts have delivered both technical innovations and true clinical value.


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Research & Publications Using Nox Medical Solutions

The following list compiles selected publications where solutions from Nox Medical were used as a part of the protocol.

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Nox BodySleep™️

The Nox BodySleep* utilizes Artificial Intelligence, AI, intended to differntiate 30-second epochs into the REM and NREM sleep states, and Wakefulness. Nox BodySleep technlogy estimates sleep states by processing respiratory data through advanced algorithms utilizing Nox calibrated RIP technlogy. *Nox BodySleep is not available in the U.S.

Funding Partners

Our research projects have been funded by competitive funding.