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Noxturnal Software System

The Noxturnal software system unleashes the full potential of Nox recording systems. Offering automatic analysis, scoring, and advanced reporting tools, Noxturnal is a powerful tool in the hands of any clinician.

Please note that the Noxturnal software is a part of a medical device and is not available in all markets. It is subject to the registration and acceptance by the proper authorities.


The focus in the software design has been ease-of-use without sacrificing flexibility. New users will be quick to start using the system and seeing results. Experienced users will find the customizeable features thrilling and will be sure to get the software to perform, exactly like they want to.

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Recording Results
Single Overview for the Night

Noxturnal automatically analyzes the study during the short download and immediately displays the recording results in a simple view. When the clinician has finished analyzing the study, these results are automatically updated, always giving a good view of the results.

Powerful Analysis Tools
Automatic and Manual

Noxturnal offers automatic analysis of the recorded signals. This simplifies the scoring process for technicians and helps with minimizing the time needed for analysis. Users can customize the automatic analysis protocols and modify/add their own analysis to report on later.

Custom Reports
Unparalelled Flexibility

Noxturnal introduces a new custom report system. This system brings Microsoft Word(R) like editing capabilities to the sleep reports. Users can create or modify reports in an editor that behaves in a similar manner as most advanced word processors. Users can also create custom statistical fields for increased flexibility.

Calibrated RIP
More Accurate RIP Signals

Noxturnal provides access to a patent-pending algorithm that can turn good quality RIP signals into a calibrated RIP signal. Having the signals calibrated the system is able to derive flow from the RIP belts that can easily be used to complement the flow signal coming from the nasal cannula or for patients that cannot use a nasal cannula.

Single Body Source
Chain of Custody Solution

The patent pending Single Body Source algorithm uses the patient’s own biosignals to give a clinician the data needed to verify the chain of custody. The advanced automatic algorithm is coupled with a simple, low-cost, bracelet to fulfill the need for a secure chain of custody solution.


  • Extended AASM standard PSG recording
  • Immediate recording results with automatic analysis
  • Calibrated RIP technology
  • Easy to use
  • Flow Volume Loops
  • New Pleth waveform anlysis
  • Customizable workspace layout
  • Centralized settings for multi-user environments
  • Customizable reports
  • Custom statistical field creation
  • Single-click scoring
  • Audio playback
  • Hot-keys

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For more information please contact us or your nearest distributor.