Our Strategy & Mission

Sleep for All

Our mission is clear. We improve health by improving sleep diagnostics by making it more simple, efficient and comfortable in all patient groups, especially children. The statement “Sleep for All” expresses our mission quite clearly. We have a lot to show that we actively pursue our mission.

Our claims Our proof
We are innovative
  • First sleep diagnostic product specifically for pediatric use.
  • Never before seen ergonomics in PSG devices.
We simplify the field of sleep
  • Innovations that require less wires
  • Automatic, accurate analysis
  • New ergonomics
  • Simple to use software
We are dedicated to patient comfort
  • Small size of equipment
  • Few cables used
We progress sleep medicine through engineering
  • New patent-pending RIP calibration
  • Advanced snoring analysis
  • Partnerships with key opinion leaders in sleep
We progressively improve our products
  • We are a certified ISO 13485 company

Quality Policy

Nox Medical is focused on quality and is a certified ISO 13485 company.

Nox Medical is committed to:

  • meeting the needs of its customers by offering unsurpassed products and outstanding support
  • improving the quality of its products and service by maintaining effective relationships with customers
  • comply with regulatory requirements relevant to its quality system and products
  • making its quality system processes more effective through active, ambitious and skilled team
  • increase its strength as a company by encouraging teamwork, creativity, open communication and dedication among employees

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