Nox A1s™ PSG System

The Nox A1s™ PSG System is a fully wireless and portable polysomnography system with a simple setup and reliable signal quality

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The Nox A1s is a small and lightweight PSG device that shows reliable, high-quality signals, and is designed for an easy hookup experience and patient comfort. The Nox A1s PSG System has dual-purpose flexibility for in-lab and ambulatory sleep studies.

The availability of the Nox A1s PSG System may vary between markets. It is a medical device, subject to the registration and acceptance by the proper authorities. Please contact your local distributor or U.S. sales representative for further information.

Nox A1s Technical Specifications

Simplicity in PSG Setup

Increased memory size enables multiple night recordings

USB-C connection enables faster download times

Improved Bluetooth® technology increasing stability and extending the battery life

Audio streaming during online studies

Bedside control with the Noxturnal App

Wireless Sensors

Unlike traditional PSG systems, the Nox A1’s wireless hookup design eliminates the discomfort and inconvenience of being tethered to the bed. The system’s wireless design allows patients to move freely while undergoing testing

Wireless sensors

Noxturnal Software & App

The Noxturnal Software System unleashes the full potential of the Nox A1s PSG System offering multiple automatic analysis, scoring, and advanced reporting tools. The Noxturnal App offers bedside control with bio-calibration, impedance checks, reviewing signal quality, and viewing of live traces.

Noxturnal AI-Powered Platform

The Nox SAS Solution

PSG sleep study at home

The Nox SAS solution is a new, flexible way to record EEG, ECG and EMG data during polysomnography sleep studies conducted with the Nox A1s. The solution can be applied in the sleep lab or at the patient’s home and comes with wireless connectivity, so the patients are never tethered to the bed.

The availability of the Nox SAS solution may vary between markets.

Nox SAS hookup video

Clinical Accuracy

The Nox A1s can be used ambulatory at patients’ homes with reliable quality signals, comparable to an in-lab PSG with overnight supervision.SEE THE REFERENCE

The Nox A1s has been used successfully SEE THE REFERENCE in different countries for different races.

Nox A1s has a low failure rate SEE THE REFERENCE which has been demonstrated in clinical studies. The system has built-in redundancy and advancements in technology integration that allow for low failure rates.

The Nox A1s can be used to aid in the diagnosis and detection of SDB SEE THE REFERENCE, insomnia, periodic limb movement, and bruxism SEE THE REFERENCE

Nox A1s Product Launch

Watch the Nox A1s product launch event to learn more aout the fully portable polysomnography system

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