Disposable Sensors and Cleaning Nox Devices


Nox Medical sleep systems are thoughtfully designed for safe and hygienic operation and use with multiple disposable sleep sensors. The Nox Cannula and Nox RIP Belts are single use and should be disposed of after each patient use. Please note that as an additional, hygienic option, the Nox RIP belts may be used instead of the Cannula.

Now more than ever, health is a shared responsibility, and we want to provide some information on keeping your teams and patients as safe as possible while still delivering much-need sleep tests. To make sure that the Nox Sleep Recording Devices are operated in the most hygienic way we have taken together recommendations on cleaning of the devices and its accompanying sensors, whether they are disposable or reusable.

Cleaning Instructions

The cleaning instructions apply to the Nox Sleep Recording Devices (Nox A1 and Nox T3), Nox Abdomen Cable, Nox A1 EEG Head Cable, Nox Snap on Cables, Carry Cases and accompanying Nonin 3150 Oximeter.

In the case of the Nonin 3150 Oximeter, we recommend our users to use tamper-proof single use wristbands for a more hygienic solution. Read more about our tamper-proof single use wristbands here.

Cleaning Instructions for Nox Devices and Accessories 

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