A Guide to Easier Sleep Studies According to Sleep Technologists and Other Sleep Experts


Sleep technologists have found that patients who come in for a sleep test often have multiple comorbidities, reports Sleep Review Magazine. A recent article describes how planning for each patient in advance can make a big difference, and offers six tips to easier in-lab sleep studies. The article features comments from two staff members at Nox Medical.

Joel Porquez BS, RPSGT, RST, CCSH, a member of the Technical Support team at Nox Medical who also serves on the American Association of Sleep Technologists’ executive board, explains how the staff member who schedules appointments at a sleep lab can be trained to ask appropriate questions to see if the patient has any comorbidities or if they require any accommodations.

“Sometimes the technologist is unaware that the patient needs a lot of help, may even need help to go to the bathroom or to get in and out of bed,” says Porquez.

Furthermore, the article explains how sleep technologists are in a prime position to take note of details that a physician might not have the opportunity to notice. According to Dr. Jeffrey Durmer MD, PhD, a neurologist and sleep specialist who is the Chief Medical Officer at Nox Health, insights from the in-lab test could assist in making diagnoses of conditions like temporomandibular joint disorders, restless legs syndrome, or even dementia.

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