New Webinar Series on Polysomnography Sleep Studies


In a time where we see growth in awareness of sleep health and the demand for sleep studies continues to expand, Nox Medical works to pave the way for increased access to sleep studies. While polysomnography remains the gold standard, PSG studies’ associated cost, time, and complexity can be rigid. In our upcoming three-part webinar series titled See Everything at Once, we look at the state of polysomnography studies and what the future may hold for attended in-laboratory and unattended ambulatory studies.

In each webinar session, Nox Medical will team up with leading researchers in the field of sleep to focus on an urgent, universal challenge we all face as an industry — to increase accessibility to good sleep diagnostics.

PSG Revolutionized: The Nox Self-Applied Somnography™

The first session will feature a conversation with Naresh Punjabi, MD, Ph.D., about using the latest innovation in PSG, the Nox Self-Applied Somnography™ (Nox SAS) by Nox Medical, for research purposes. The Nox SAS gives patients the revolutionary ability to self-apply the system in the comfort of their own home. It is intended to provide a feasible alternative to in-lab PSGs while increasing patient access to proper sleep studies. It has been used in more than 6,000 sleep studies worldwide but is currently only available for research purposes.

The following sessions will cover advancements in polysomnography sleep testing. We will explore the latest developments in science and engineering, specifically data science and AI, and discuss how the industry is likely to respond. Among other examples, we’ll explore breakthroughs in determining treatment options for sleep apnea discovered through a collaborative project between Nox Research and Harvard Medical School which reproduced the results of a sleep apnea endotyping method, endo-Phenotyping Using Polysomnography (PUP).

To sign up for the first session of See Everything at Once scheduled for Oct. 20 at 10 a.m. ET, visit webinars.noxmedical.com.

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