Nox Medical at 2022 ESRS Sleep Europe Congress

Nox Medical ESRS 2022

Nox Medical will participate as a sponsor and exhibitor in the European Sleep Research Society (ESRS) Sleep Europe 2022 Congress, September 27 – 30th in Athens, Greece. At this year’s congress, Nox Medical continues to support the advancements of sleep medicine with a satellite symposium on the state of sleep medicine and how AI and technological advancement are shaping its future. Furthermore, the latest scientific findings of the company will be presented by the research team at Nox Medical with two new abstracts at the congress’s Poster Presentation.

Satellite Symposium: Sleep Diagnostics at a Crossroads – How will technology advancements impact the future of sleep diagnostics?

The world is moving faster than ever in terms of technological evolution. More people require help with their sleep. Artificial intelligence, data science, new biosensors, and the search for simpler means to diagnose more people bring sleep medicine to a crossroads. Is it necessary to sacrifice the quality of sleep biosignals to meet the demand for access to healthy sleep? This event will discuss the fundamentals of biosignal technology in sleep, how artificial intelligence can be applied, its limitations, and how sleep diagnostics can find its way forward at these crossroads.

Satellite Symposium
Sleep Diagnostics at a Crossroads
– How will technology advancements impact the future of sleep diagnostics?

Thursday 29 September 
Lecture Hall C (N. Skalkotas) Level -1
12:15 – 13:15

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Sveinbjorn Hoskuldsson – CTO & Co-Founder, Nox Medical
Balancing the Clinical Accuracy and Simplicity in Sleep Recorders
Sveinbjorn Hoskuldsson is a co-founder and the Chief Technology Officer at Nox Medical. In his 30 years of experience in technology development for sleep medicine diagnostics, Hoskuldsson has a proven success in sleep technology innovation and is an author of multiple patients in sleep medicine technology. Before co-founding Nox Medical, Hoskuldsson was the Development Manager at Medcare Flaga later Embla Inc. He holds a CndSc (BS) and Dipl Ing T.U degree (MS) degrees in engineering.

Dr. Jon Skirnir Agustsson, Ph.D. – VP of Artificial Intelligence and Data Science, Nox Medical
Building confidence in Artificial Intelligence in sleep medicine
Jon Skirnir Agustsson is an experienced AI and Data Scientist leading an interdisciplinary team in Artificial Intelligence, Data Science, and Research. In his work at Nox Medical, he has authored multiple patents and scientific publications. Dr. Agustsson holds a master’s degree in electrical engineering and a PhD in physics.

New Research Abstracts by Nox Research

Nox Research is a team of scientists with a background in clinical research, AI and data science, and engineering who are working to improve the collection, analysis, and processing of data collected during a sleep study. At the European Sleep Research Society (ESRS) conference, the research team at Nox Medical will present two new research abstracts that show the team’s latest results from their AI-based arousal scoring analysis for PSG sleep studies, and their work on the Nox BodySleep analysis.

Poster Presentation
A novel deep learning AI method for estimating wake, NREM, and REM sleep states: using breathing and activity
AI powered arousal scoring for polysomnography and self-applied-somnography sleep studies

Friday, 30 September
Poster Exhibition Muses & Trianti Foyer Level 0

11:00 – 13:15

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Introduction to Simplified Nox PSG Setup with Supportive Scoring AI

Nox Medical is a proud Gold Sponsor of the 2022 European Society of Sleep Technologists (ESST) meeting at the Sleep Europe ESRS Congress. At the congress, Nox Medical invites sleep technologists for a brief introduction to the AI-powered algorithms in the Noxturnal Software and the Nox SAS setup, currently available for research purposes. The latest advancements are designed to increase efficiency for PSG studies, and amplify sleep technologists’ ability to analyze data and improve patient care.

See the Way Forward – Introduction to simplified Nox PSG Setup with supportive scoring AI
Wednesday, 28 September
Lecture Hall G (Music Library) Level 0
12:30 – 13:30 

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Nox Medical
Nox Medical is a global leader in the sleep diagnostic technology space. The company provides sleep specialists with patient-friendly diagnostic devices and robust, reliable data collection. With easy-to-use medical device technology, Nox Medical eliminates common diagnostic pain points by prioritizing patient comfort and reliability of results, allowing providers to better assess, diagnose and treat the entire range of sleep health issues, including sleep apnea, circadian disorders and insomnia.