Nox Medical Joins Forces With U.S.-Based FusionHealth to Form Global Sleep Health Leader, Nox Health


Sleep monitoring and diagnostics leader Nox Medical has joined forces with full-service population sleep health company FusionHealth to form Nox Health, becoming one of the world’s largest sleep health leaders.

Known for its patient-friendly diagnostics and comprehensive data collection, Nox Medical has provided sleep specialists with robust reporting and advanced analysis for more than a decade. With easy-to-use medical device technology, Nox Medical eliminates common diagnostic pain points by prioritizing patient comfort and reliability of results, allowing providers to better understand, diagnose and treat patients’ issues far beyond sleep apnea.

“Sleep issues affect half the world’s population,” said Pétur Már Halldórsson, CEO of Nox Medical, “yet many people never complete the diagnosis process to get the treatment they deserve. From cumbersome and uncomfortable devices, to inaccurate results that require retesting, there are a number of roadblocks that can hinder providers from reaching an effective solution for their patients. At Nox Medical, we create technology, data and systems that work with you, not against you, so you can see the whole picture and get to the root of the issue. Our depth of diagnostic capabilities, combined with FusionHealth’s breadth of technology-enabled sleep solutions, means we can help even more providers share the life-changing impact of a good night’s sleep.”

Nox Medical has been working with sleep solution company FusionHealth since 2014, together helping to grow the industry’s ability to understand, diagnose and treat sleep issues using a holistic approach. With a focus on population-based sleep health solutions, FusionHealth helps employers reduce healthcare costs, prevent fatigue-related errors and improve performance, all while supporting the well-being of their employees.

As Nox Medical becomes Nox Health, the company will grow its U.S. footprint exponentially, covering coast to coast with its direct sales force and equipping more providers with tools, data and treatment options to address the entire range of sleep health issues.

“This is the start of a new chapter for Nox Medical,” Halldórsson said. “In addition to amplifying our global impact, this transition to Nox Health reflects our commitment to furthering the field of sleep health. Nox Medical and FusionHealth have each made a name for themselves in the industry and will maintain those reputations while also growing together as a combined team to include even more innovative, personalized offerings to help improve the global sleep epidemic.”

United as Nox Health, Nox Medical and FusionHealth serve clients across the globe, including sleep physicians, healthcare providers and Fortune 500 businesses. The company continues to operate out of Reykjavik, with additional offices in Atlanta, Georgia, and Boulder, Colorado. For more information on Nox Medical and to view the full suite of offerings available through Nox Health, visit noxhealth.com.


About Nox Health

Nox Health is the global sleep health leader committed to helping people wake up to a brighter world. Combining cutting-edge diagnostic capabilities with technology-enabled, full-service treatment solutions, Nox Health helps healthcare payers and providers align to reduce costs, address issues at the individual level and share the life-changing impact of a good night’s sleep. Nox Health is a one-stop, holistic solution helping to identify, address and resolve sleep issues across the globe. For more information, visit noxhealth.com.


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