Nox Medical Launches the Nox A1 PSG System


Nox Medical is proud to announce the launch of its revolutionary PSG system. The Nox A1 for a controlled market release.

The system brings revolutionary ergonomics, never before seen signal quality, and robustness that makes it ideal for ambulatory PSG studies. For more information on this revolutionary product, please refer to this section of our website.

Photo by Nox Medical Copyright ©2019

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Nox Medical
Nox Medical is a global leader in the sleep diagnostic technology space. The company provides sleep specialists with patient-friendly diagnostic devices and robust, reliable data collection. With easy-to-use medical device technology, Nox Medical eliminates common diagnostic pain points by prioritizing patient comfort and reliability of results, allowing providers to better assess, diagnose and treat the entire range of sleep health issues, including sleep apnea, circadian disorders and insomnia.