Nox Medical Showcases Latest Innovations at the Canadian Sleep Society Conference


Sleep professionals from around the globe will have the opportunity to connect with and learn about leading sleep diagnostics company Nox Medical at the Canadian Sleep Society (CSS) conference in Canada this weekend.

Committed to advancing the field of sleep diagnostics and helping sleep professionals provide the best possible care for their patients, Nox Medical will showcase a range of devices that are customizable and versatile, including the company’s latest full PSG system and Level III home sleep testing solution. The event is scheduled from April 27 to 29 in Westin, Ottawa.

Nox Medical’s Latest Innovations in Sleep Diagnostics

At the CSS conference, Nox Medical will showcase its latest innovations in sleep diagnostics, including the Nox A1s, full PSG system and Nox T3s, Level III home sleep testing solution. The Nox A1s  is a comprehensive diagnostic tool that can perform Level I studies in-lab and Level II studies in unattended home settings, making it ideal for both lab-based and home-based testing.

The Nox T3s home sleep testing solution is a popular choice, allowing patients to perform diagnostic tests from the comfort of their own bed. These devices are customizable and versatile, enabling sleep professionals to provide accurate diagnoses and personalized care to their patients.

Supporting Sleep Professionals at the CSS Conference

Nox Medical is not just showcasing the latest innovations at the CSS conference — representatives from the company will also be there to support sleep professionals in their work. Nox Medical is the exclusive sponsor of the English and French sleep technologist track at the conference, where participants can learn advanced sleep scoring methods that improve the accuracy and reliability of sleep diagnoses. Additionally, Nox Medical’s VP of Canadian business development and sales, Natalie Morin, will be available to provide more information and answer questions about sleep test scoring.


2023 Technologist Program (English)

Thursday, April 27 at 9 am – Saturday, April 29 at 5 pm

The total number of CEC hours for attendance at the three-day program is 22.0 credits and it breaks down by day.


This interactive session will help participants understand the AASM sleep scoring rules during challenging studies. Review the latest AASM scoring guidelines for staging, arousals, respiratory and limb movements scoring. This session will assist with updating adult scoring skills. Adult sleep study scoring basics as well as the scoring rules will be reviewed in an interactive format. Designed for beginning or advanced level sleep technologists interested in understanding and improving scoring skills. After completing the course, participants will have reviewed scoring rules, stage and event recognition and discussed scoring strategies.

The Future of Sleep Diagnostics

Looking ahead, Nox Medical is committed to continuing our research and development efforts to improve the accuracy, reliability, and accessibility of sleep diagnostics. Nox is always exploring new technologies and methods that can help sleep professionals provide better care for their patients, and is excited to share the latest innovations at the CSS conference. By collaborating with sleep professionals and sharing knowledge and expertise, we believe we can make a real difference in the lives of those with sleep disorders.

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