Nox Medical’s Symposium at the 2022 World Sleep Congress


At this year’s World Sleep Congress in Rome, Nox Medical continues the discussions on “Beyond the AHI” with a sponsored symposium and invites five leading sleep researchers to speak on the topic. The symposium will address some of the diagnostic challenges in today’s sleep medicine and potential ways to overcome these obstacles. Sleep diagnostics are ripe for disruption. There is a push for new biomarkers and a drive to understand sleep disorder breathing in more detail than just the single indicator, the AHI. Knowing whom to treat and how technology can be used to maximize clinician impact on more patients’ lives are topics that will be addressed. Those interested in new approaches in sleep diagnostics, and how we can continue to evolve sleep medicine should find this symposium of interest. Below you can find the agenda and a description of each session.

World Sleep in Rome
Satellite Symposium: Beyond the AHI, Room 22
Tuesday, March 15, 12:30 – 14:00

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The Nox Self-Applied Somnography (Nox SAS) – A German Perspective

Dr. Martina Große Sundrup, MD
Internal Medicine and Pulmonology

Prof.Dr. Christoph Schöbel, MD
Center for Sleep Medicine at Ruhrlandklinik
University of Medicine Essen, Germany

Not all sleep studies are backed by the financial resources to pay for research subjects to undergo a polysomnagraphy (PSG). The high associated cost and complexity of large population PSG sleep studies can be a challenge for sleep researchers. The Nox Self-Applied Somnography™ (Nox SAS), allows patients the revolutionary ability to self-apply a polysomnography device in the comfort of their own home. The Nox SAS has been used in more than 6,000 sleep studies worldwide, and is currently only available for research purposes only. Dr. Große Sundrup and Dr. Schöbel will discuss how the Nox SAS could be useful in clinics around Germany and Europe and shed his light on pros and cons of systems such as the Nox SAS.

The Sleep Revolution
Dr. Erna Sif Arnardóttir,
Director of the Reykjavik University Sleep Institute, President of the Icelandic Sleep Research Society, and a board member of the European Sleep Research Society.

During the seminar, Dr. Arnardottir, the Principal Investigator of Sleep Revolution will introduce overall concepts of The Sleep Revolution, an EU Horizon 2020 supported interdisciplinary, international research and development project with 37 partners. Sleep Revolution aims to change the way sleep diagnostics are performed, to predict better who will develop adverse consequences due to sleep-disordered breathing, to predict this in a much earlier manner than is currently done, and to get patients with milder disease into appropriate treatments. Over the four-year project period, the grant will contribute to the development of machine learning techniques to better estimate the severity and treatment needs for patients with sleep-disordered breathing to improve health outcomes and quality of life.

Endo-phenotyping, at scale, from a clinical PSG
Eysteinn Finnsson,
Research Engineer at Nox Medical

A major limitation of current sleep diagnostic indices is that they do not provide information regarding the underlying cause or impact of sleep apnea in different individuals. Endo-Phenotyping is a methodology for identifying the pathophysiology traits of sleep apnea by better utilizing the wealth of data collected in a PSG sleep study, making it an attractive method for guiding treatment options. With the introduction of the cloud-based PUPpy method, developed in a collaboration between researchers at Harvard and Nox Medical, sleep researchers now have an easier way to retrieve Endo-Phenotypes from PSG sleep studies. However, the PUPpy method relies on an accurate measure of flow and concerns about the confounding effects of oral ventilation, when measuring breathing using the nasal cannula, have been raised. We explore and address this issue by using respiratory inductance plethysmography as a supplementary/surrogate measure of tidal volume that is independent of the breathing route.

Chair: Prof. Carolina Lombardi, Ph.D.
Associate Professor at the Department of Cardiology, Head of Sleep disorder Center, University of Milano – Biocca, Italy

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