Nox Research Presents Two New Abstracts at Sleep Europe 2022

Nox Research abstract presentation

Nox Research, the Artificial Intelligence, Data, Analyst and Research team at Nox Medical is presenting two new abstracts at the upcoming European Sleep Research Society (ESRS) Congress, Sleep Europe 2022, with the latest scientific findings of the team. The two abstracts show the latest results from their AI-based arousal scoring analysis for PSG sleep studies and their work on the Nox BodySleep analysis*. 

AI powered arousal scoring for polysomnography and self-applied-somnography sleep studies

Cortical arousals are brief changes in the EEGs recorded during a sleep study. They are defined as the EEGs having an abrupt change in frequency lasting for at least 3 seconds, preceded by at least 10 seconds of stable sleep. Arousal scoring is a challenge for human experts as seen by low interscorer-agreement between humans. The low agreement makes it difficult for AI analyses to learn arousal scoring. Nox Research presents an end-to-end deep learning approach to robustly score arousals from PSG and Self-Applied-Somnography (Nox SAS)* sleep studies which use a reduced frontal EEG montage. The SAS is a type 2 study utilizing a frontal EEG montage and no chin EMG. The performance of the AI arousal scoring analyses is on-par with human-level agreement

At the ESRS Congress, the team will present the latest results from the AI based arousal scoring analysis for PSG sleep studies. The analysis was trained on a large set of sleep recordings from several sources. The results presented at the conference will show that the analysis performs on par with human scorers. 

A novel deep learning AI method for estimating wake, NREM, and REM sleep states: using breathing and activity

There is a trend toward predicting Wake, REM, and NREM sleep from signals other than EEG. Peripheral arterial tonometry (PAT) and pulse plethysmography (PPG) are commonly used. However, they may not perform well in patients with heart conditions. The Nox BodySleep is a deep learning analysis that estimates Wake, REM, and NREM from breathing and actigraphy signals. It is inspired by physiological changes in breathing during sleep.

During the conference, Nox Research will present how the Nox BodySleep analysis performs on patients with cardiac disease, particularly atrial fibrillation during sleep. The results show that in those patients, the analysis still performs well and may outperform competing products that use activity and pulse oximeter signals to estimate wake, NREM, and REM sleep states.


Friday, 30 September
Poster Exhibition Muses & Trianti Foyer Level 0
11:00 – 13:15

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*Nox BodySleep is not available in the United States. 

*Nox SAS is available for research purposes only

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