Nox T3 a finalist in the ERS Product Of Outstanding Interest


Nox Medical is proud to announce that the Nox T3 Portable Sleep Monitor was nominated as one of four finalists in the ERS Product of Outstanding Interest Awards at the 2013 ERS.

This award was created to recognize the importance of innovation and to reward those whose efforts have led to advances in technology, patient comfort and quality of life. Nox T3 was selected to become a finalist out of 58 nominated products.

A new generation

The Nox-T3 Portable Sleep Monitor is a new generation of portable sleep monitors. Through its simple, small and elegant design this wireless sleep device provides a uniquely positive experience for both the patient and clinician. The audio recording from a built in microphone opens new dimensions in snoring analysis and the NOX RIP technology provides additional tools in the evaluation of respiratory flow.


Accompanying the device is the fully-fledged Noxturnal software, offering automatic analysis, manual scoring and reporting. Leading Home Sleep Testing providers of the world, requesting high quality data collection for most accurate diagnoses, have taken the Nox T3 as their preferred choice for polygraphs.

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