Nox Medical: On-Demand Webinars and Ebook Now Available

Nox T3s HST Device for children

Earlier this year we launched a webinar series titled Advancing Sleep Diagnostics Through Home Sleep Testing. Home sleep testing is emerging as a diagnostic tool, now more than ever. Throughout the past decade, sleep tests have progressively shifted to the home setting due to the increasing number of patients in need of a proper sleep diagnosis. This is the result of both an increased awareness of sleep disorders among the general population and the demand for feasible diagnostic options without hospitalization. In this three-part series, we teamed up with industry experts and looked at the challenges facing home sleep testing, the reactions from diagnostic technology providers, the metrics to measure accurate sleep diagnostics, and how artificial intelligence (AI) in sleep diagnostics has taken the field by storm. 

We are excited to share that our webinar series attracted more than 1,000 registered attendees, including physicians, researchers, sleep technologists, sleep lab directors, dentists, and other professionals. Now, you can watch all the sessions on-demand. We have also summarized the webinar series in a written insight paper and expanded on the subject beyond the contents of each session. 

Visit the webinar resources page to watch on-demand webinars and download the ebook

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