Symposium SLEEP 2023: A New Era in Sleep Medicine with At-home Polysomnography


Sleep plays a crucial role in our overall health and well-being. Yet, millions of people worldwide suffer from sleep disorders, and many of them may go undiagnosed due to poor access to sleep diagnostic care 1. At-home polysomnography could open the door to getting more patients the most accurate diagnostic assessment no matter how far they live from a sleep lab. To discuss the benefits of at-home polysomnography, Nox Medical is hosting a symposium, “A New Era in Sleep Medicine with At-home Polysomnography,” during the SLEEP 2023 conference in Indianapolis. 

This symposium brings together esteemed researchers, clinicians, and industry experts to explore the latest advancements in sleep medicine, focusing on at-home polysomnography (level II) sleep testing and its potential to revolutionize the field. Level II testing is already a mainstay throughout Europe, and could be the future of home sleep testing in the United States as we see a shift toward remote monitoring and telehealth solutions. 

Scheduled to take place on Tuesday, June 6, at the JW Marriott Grand Ballroom 6, which is conveniently connected to the convention center via a skywalk. Attendees can expect an immersive experience that combines informative presentations, engaging discussions, and opportunities to network with like-minded professionals.

The symposium boasts an impressive lineup of speakers who are at the forefront of sleep medicine research. Dr. Naresh Punjabi, MD, from the University of Miami, will share his insights on the utility of self-applied home polysomnography in sleep medicine. Dr. Punjabi’s presentation is expected to shed light on the benefits and challenges of leveraging at-home polysomnography for diagnosing and treating sleep disorders.

Additionally, Dr. Judith Leech, MD, FRCP, D’ABSM, from the Somnocor Sleep Center in Quebec, will present an observational case study highlighting the experiences of a full-service sleep center with the out-of-center level II polysomnography option. This real-world case study will provide valuable insights into the practical implementation of level II polysomnography outside the traditional sleep center setting.

Leading the symposium as the chair is Dr. Jason Ong, PhD, from Nox Health. Dr. Ong’s expertise in sleep medicine and his commitment to advancing the field make him an ideal facilitator for the symposium. With his guidance, attendees can expect thought-provoking discussions and a collaborative atmosphere that encourages the exchange of ideas. Additionally, Dr. Ong will review the benefits of the Nox A1s, a full PSG system by Nox Medical that is versatile enough for use in the sleep lab as well as in the patient’s home, and discuss how the in-depth data that is usually collected in sleep clinics can now be harvested in a variety of settings, optimizing time and resources for both the patients and medical providers. 

The symposium’s duration from 11:45 a.m. to 12:45 p.m. ensures that attendees can make the most of their time at SLEEP 2023 while enjoying a provided lunch.

Attending the symposium presents a unique opportunity for professionals involved in sleep medicine to stay up-to-date with the latest research and breakthrough discoveries. The discussions will delve into the advancements in level II sleep testing and the potential benefits of at-home polysomnography, ultimately shaping the future of sleep medicine.

With its exceptional speaker lineup, engaging sessions, and a focus on cutting-edge research, the “A New Era in Sleep Medicine with At-home Polysomnography” symposium at SLEEP 2023 is not to be missed. Whether you are a researcher, clinician, or industry expert, this event provides a platform for learning, networking, and collaborating with peers who share a common passion for advancing sleep medicine.

As sleep medicine continues to evolve, it is through events like these that we can collectively drive progress and transform the way we understand and treat sleep disorders. Make sure to mark your calendars for June 6 and join us at SLEEP 2023 for a symposium that will propel sleep medicine into the future. Together, let’s advance the field and improve the sleep health of individuals around the world.


Institute of Medicine (US) Committee on Sleep Medicine and Research. Sleep Disorders and Sleep Deprivation: An Unmet Public Health Problem. Colten HR, Altevogt BM, editors. Washington (DC): National Academies Press (US); 2006. PMID: 20669438.

Industry Product Theater
Tuesday, June 6, 2023
11:45 – 12:45
JW Marriott Hotel, Grand Ballroom 6 

Boxed lunch will be served at the start of the symposium

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