Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning in Sleep Medicine


A recent article in Sleep Review Magazine explains the potential of applying AI and machine learning in both PSG and Home Sleep testing where experts are interviewed on the subject.

Dr. Jón S. Ágústsson, Ph.D., Director of Analysis, Data, and Research at Nox Medical contributes to the article and shares insights into the work done by the company in the field of AI and machine learning. In the article, Dr. Ágústsson explains how artificial intelligence can help sleep technicians be more efficient in their role with more automation, affording more time to attend to patient care:

The demand for sleep studies is growing, Ágústsson says, and the available sleep techs may not be able to meet it. AI can help techs be more efficient and free up their time to establish better relationships with their patients, Ágústsson adds.

Nox Research is a team of scientists with a background in clinical research, AI and data science, and engineering who are working to improve the collection, analysis, and processing of data collected during a sleep study. In the article Dr. Ágústsson explains how the current focus in the application of machine learning in sleep medicine is on “automating repetitive things” like scoring sleep studies, sleep staging, arousals, and more.

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