Frequently Asked Questions: Nox Medical and Vyaire Relationship Update

Q:  When does the transition period begin and end?
A:  This transition begins July 1, 2019 and completes on October 1st 2019. During this period, customers can continue to purchase from Vyaire as normal.

Q:  What happens to my order placed with Vyaire before October 1, 2019?
A:  All open unshipped orders Vyaire customer orders will be shipped by September 30, 2019, in order to provide a clean cut off

Q:  What actions do customers need to take?
A:  Customers will need to establish Nox Medical as a direct vendor, as Vyaire will not be able to accept product orders as of October 1, 2019. Customer purchase orders received by Vyaire will be forwarded on to Nox Medical for booking. sales@noxmedical.com

Q:  How do I order after October 1, 2019?
A:  You can access Nox Medical’s product catalog on www.noxmedical.com. There you will find the relevant product codes to update you’re ordering systems.

Q:  How can I get in touch with my Nox Medical sales rep after October 1st?
A:  Nox Medical is in the process of building its sales force. For immediate assistance you can send an e-mail to sales@noxmedical.com or call  844-4SLEEP6 : (844) 475-3376.

Q:  How do I receive technical support after October 1st?
A:  Nox Medical strives to provide excellent customer service. The company has a vast knowledge base on their website which many customers use to get immediate answers to any issues they may have.

Q:  What happens to warranties and extended warranties?
A:  Nox Medical will assume all responsibility for warranties and extended warranties for the Nox products.

Q:  What products are inscope of this transition?
A:  Relative T3 product codes cross reference

Vyaire Product Code Nox Product Code Item Name
22857-001 51 11 10 Nox T3® System with SPO2 – US
21816-001 55 10 10 Nox RIP Belts Disposable – PEDIATRIC, 20 sets
69590 55 10 20 Nox RIP Belts Disposable – SMALL, 20 sets
69591 55 10 30 Nox RIP Belts Disposable – Medium, 20 sets
69592 55 10 40 Nox RIP Belts Disposable – Large, 20 sets
27641-001 55 10 50 Nox RIP Belts Disposable – X-Large, 14 sets
69594 55 20 10 Nox Cannula with Filter, 40 pk
69447 55 21 10 Nox Filter Tube Connector, 50pk
69446 56 90 10 Nox Service Kit
21817-001 56 20 10 NOX ABDOMEN CABLE
21818-001 56 80 10 NOX-T3 CARRY CASE
22988-001 56 10 10 NOX T3 RECORDER ONLY
22989-001 56 40 42 3150 WRIST BAND
22990-001 55 23 20 NOX T3 CPAP MASK ADAPTER