Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Nox Medical acknowledges the privacy of visitors to this website. The information gathered by Nox Medical during use of this website will only be used for the purposes indicated and in accordance with law.

Nox Medical collects cookies to improve the website users’ experience. Some of Nox Medical’s sites require registration, where personal information (such as name, address, and phone number) may be collected. Where personal information is collected, Nox Medical will make every reasonable effort to keep that information secure and will not disclose that information beyond Nox Medical of companies other than to fulfill its business obligations to the visitor.

Where a Reseller agreement or other business relationship document exists, such a document has precedence over this Privacy Policy.

Where personal information is collected in the course of an online business transaction, the visitor consents to reasonable business usage of that information.

Nox Medical’s Privacy Policy does not apply to sites that are beyond Nox Medical’s control, such as linked third-party sites.

Because Internet technologies change rapidly, this Privacy Policy is subject to revision. The latest version will be posted to this site, and visitors are encouraged to review it regularly.

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