Technical Specifications – A1s

Nox A1s Device and Software

Signal Specifications:

Available Signals

Thorax and Abdomen RIP, Nasal pressure/Mask pressure, Snore Signal, Audio and snoring channel, 13 unipolar channels, 4 bipolar channels, Position, Activity, Sp02, pulse, plethysmography, and more.

Bipolar Channels

4x Bipolar Channels Keyhole connector, ±1024mV input range, < 3 μVrms noise, 512 kHz sampling rate, 24-bit ADC

Unipolar Channels

13x Unipolar Channels – Touch proof connector DIN 42-802, ±3.2mV input range < 1 μVrms noise, 512 kHz sampling rate

Flow/Pressure Signal

2x RIP Channels Thorax and abdomen respiratory inductance plethysmography, 200 Hz Sampling, 1x Flow/Pressure Channel -5cmH20 to +50cmH2O input pressure range, DC-80 Hz, <1 mmH2O noise

Activity/Position Signals

Internal 3 axis, ±2 g

Sound Signals

1MHz sampling, internal 8 kHz bandwidth

Wireless Interface

Bluetooth® V5.0 BLE wireless interface for external devices

Ambient Light

1 Hz


Performance Specifications:

Storage Capacity

4 GB

Recording Time

20-30 hours with new lithium battery

PC Communications

USB 2.0 hi-speed

Physical Specifications:

Power Source

One 1.5VAA battery during recording; Host PC USB during data download

Battery Type

Nickel-metal hydride rechargeable (NiMH), lithium and alkaline

Battery Cover

Tamper proof and locked

Device Dimension

82 mm W x 62 mm H x 26 mm D (3.2 in W x 2.44 in H x 1.02 in D)


92 g (120g with battery)


OLED-dimensions 19 x 35 mm (0.75 x 1.38 in), resolution 128 x 64 dots

USB Connection

USB Type C



Minimum PC Requirements

Windows 8.1 and higher
Processor: X64 based Intel or AMD, 1.7 GHz or faster
2GB RAM, 4 GB of free disk space
Resolution: 1024 x 768 or higher