Celebrating Sleep Technologist Appreciation Week (STAW2020)


This week the American Association of Sleep Technologists (AAST) hosts the 2020 Sleep Technologists Appreciation Week (STAW) as a celebration of the numerous accomplishments made by sleep technologists in the sleep disorders centers, laboratories, educational facilities, and within AAST. 

Sleep Technologists play a vital role in sleep disorders patients’ education, evaluation, and treatment with a deep understanding of various diagnostic and therapy solutions. Furthermore, their close interaction and care for the patient make them often in a prime position to take note of details that a physician might not have the opportunity to notice, as described in this article. 

We at Nox Medical celebrate and are thankful for the contribution of sleep technologists in today’s sleep practices. We are especially grateful for the great number of people in our team that has contributed to the profession and bring their skill sets and education into practice when it comes to creating leading products for sleep diagnostics at Nox Medical. As a company, we seek to advance sleep diagnostics by providing sleep specialists with state of the art diagnostic devices and software solutions that are intended to help professionals reach a better conclusion when assisting patients that suffer from sleep disorders.

Please check out AAST’s planned activities throughout the week here

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