Webinar: Sleep Healthcare Trends from Industry Perspective


In the third and final session of Nox Medical’s Advancing Sleep Diagnostics Through Home Sleep Testing webinar series, Ingvar Hjalmarsson, Nox Medical’s Chief Product Officer, will facilitate a conversation on today’s sleep healthcare trends and share his perspective as an innovator in sleep diagnostics. Titled Sleep Healthcare Trends from an Industry Perspective, the session will cover top trends in sleep such as new biomarkers and individualized treatment pathways, telemedicine, artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning, reimbursement erosion, and the payer landscape, among many other key topics.

Trends that are Shaping Today’s Sleep Medicine

The sleep industry is going through an enormous amount of change. Technology advancements are emerging with digital tools and telehealth solutions that can help scale sleep health care to diagnose and treat large patient populations. Providers have already begun to shift from in-hospital to home-based sleep tests and to provide telemedicine solutions along the patient journey. Furthermore, machine learning and AI technologies have shown tremendous potential to improve diagnostic accuracy, increase efficiency and provide cost-effective home sleep testing for patients with suspicion of sleep disordered breathing.

However, technological developments are not the sole factor in the industry’s changing landscape. New research studies continue to advance the field of sleep medicine. Research has shown that a number of other factors can be used to complement AHI, for a more comprehensive picture of patients’ disordered breathing, including the degree of oxygen desaturation events, average oxygen saturation, time spent below a certain saturation level, sleep fragmentation, and frequency of arousal.

It is important for sleep industry professionals to understand some of the key industry trends in order to ensure they are ready to keep up with the changes ahead. Ingvar Hjalmarsson, Nox Medical’s Chief Product Officer, will facilitate a conversation on today’s sleep healthcare trends and share his perspective as an industry player in sleep diagnostics. 

During the session, Ingvar will lead discussions around the following questions: 

  • What effect will research on new biomarkers have on the field of sleep medicine?
  • What role does telemedicine play in today’s environment, and how does it shape the future of in-home sleep studies?
  • What are the immediate and long-term impacts of Big Tech’s interest in sleep health?
  • How can we, as an industry, address the global issue of sleeplessness?
  • Is technology always the answer?
  • What do shrinking reimbursement rates mean for sleep providers?
  • How does Nox Medical’s product portfolio complement and innovate on trends we’re seeing in the industry?

These and other important questions will be discussed at this event scheduled for April 21, 2021. 

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